About Horizon Home Inspections

We believe in taking negative emotions out of the home buying process. Buying a home is exciting. Our home inspections are an introduction to your new home.

We educate you on how to manage and care for your investment, so that it meets your needs for years to come.


Our Story

Hi, I am Chad Miller, the owner of Horizon Home Inspections. Thank you for your interest in our story. In 2000, I was selling my first family home. It was stressful – staging, packing, cleaning, while looking for a new home. Finally, I was relieved as it went under contract and the inspection was set.

The inspection day was a huge disappointment. I received the report – a hand-written, illegible, piece of paper. In addition, some of the findings in the report were not for my home, and were instead for another property the inspector had handled that week. I was frustrated with the process, but I thought, “There has to be a better way. People deserve something better.”

So, I quit my job. I spent the next two years training, studying, and learning. I even worked with a contractor to understand issues.

In 2003, I started Horizon Home Inspection with the aim of offering a better home inspection to buyers and sellers. We continue that commitment today.

We have partnerships with many customers in the Denver Metro area who have trusted us with their own home inspections, as well as those of many of their clients. We believe in building long-lasting relationships and are happy to make recommendations for reliable home service providers, should the need arise. In short, we nurture our real estate relationships.

Meet the Team

Our home inspections are not just a one-time meeting. Our team is committed to helping you with your new home for as long as you own it.

Chad Miller

Founder & CEO - Inspector

Chad loves to provide knowledgeable and friendly customer service. And he has had lots of practice, with over thirty years in customer service, supply chain management, and corporate-level customer management. Chad has been inspecting homes in Colorado since 2001 and started Horizon Home Inspections in 2003.

Travis Houle

Home Inspector

Travis provides customers with the best home inspection experience possible. To do so, he draws on his background of landscaping, roofing, general construction, and global customer service. With us since 2015, Travis has provided many Horizon Home Inspection customers with actionable insights on their new home.

Marlin Frakes

Radon Testing

We appreciate Marlin’s service to his country and are proud to have him on the team. As a disabled veteran, he continues to give, by helping to protect families from the dangers of Radon gas.

Judy Weismann

Radon Testing

Judy has her own painting and construction business and understands the importance of providing a quality product and service. She works part time as the need arises to help customers with their Radon Testing. She is Chad's sister in-law and Daly’s aunt.

Ryan LeBlanc

Home Inspector

Ryan has been working in the home construction business since 2001 and has hands on experience with all facets of home construction, repair and maintenance. Having hands on knowledge of concrete, masonry, framing, electrical and roofing provides our customers with valuable insight to how their home is constructed and what to expect in future years.

Daly Brownlow


Daly has held previous positions as a retail store manager and Executive assistant to the CEO of an online furniture company. She is very detail oriented and is driven by the same pride in ownership the company was founded on.

Always learning

The home construction industry is in a constant state of change. New materials and methods are always being developed. At Horizon Home Inspections, we believe in continuous education. Not only are our inspectors certified, but they use Internachi certification process to stay on top of these changes.

Our continued education helps you with knowledge of product defects and other alerts that could affect your home.