We approach home inspections differently. We believe a home inspection should be an education in how to maintain your new investment.

  • A certified, knowledgeable and friendly Home Horizon inspector will arrive promptly at your new property.
  • We will perform a detailed inspection of your property that will identify:
    • Safety concerns
    • Major defects
    • Repair & service recommendations
    • Maintenance guidance
    • Property items in satisfactory condition
  • Our inspectors take advantage of our proprietary, cutting edge technologies to perform your inspection
  • The Horizon Home Inspector will answer your questions and educate you on the condition of the property with you during the inspection.
  • After the inspection, you will receive our industry-leading home inspection report which details every aspect of the inspection, organized from most important to smallest items
  • When you have a question about your home six months later, give us a call. We are here to help you manage your new investment.

The Playbook for Your New Home.

Our reports will help you manage your new home – now and into the future. What repairs should you tackle first? How do you maintain the home from year to year?

  • Easy to read – We eliminate the jargon.
  • Visual proof – We take lots of picture and explain potential issues.
  • Prioritized – We list issues in order of importance from safety concerns to routine maintenance.
  • Complete – The comprehensive report includes all the details of your inspection.

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