Checking out the pipes

Not all home inspections require a sewer scope. For example, it is not necessary when purchasing a condominium. However, if your new home is connected to the city sewer system or has a septic system it could be very important.

You might be responsible for repairs

In many municipalities home owners are responsible for repairs to the main sewer line connecting them to the city sewer system. In addition, many home owners’ insurance policies will not cover damage outside the foundation of the home. So, any potential damage could be out of your pocket.

Five reasons to have your sewer scoped

  • Repairs can be expensive
  • Roots are attracted to water
  • Improper installation during construction
  • Natural wear and tear
  • You can’t maintain what you don’t know

Our sewer scoping service includes

  • Video scope of the main sewer line – home to city system
  • Video with commentary – to help you understand any issues

Schedule a Sewer Scope and Home Inspection today.