Our Story - Confusion ensues!

In 2000, I had my very first family home up for sale. It was a mental anguish! Staging, packing, cleaning and looking for a new home were daily tasks.  Once my home became under contract and the inspection was set, I felt like we were on the the home stretch to selling our home and moving into our dream home. Inspection day came......what a disappointment. I received the home inspection report. The report was a hand written piece of paper, illegible, confusing and no pictures.  To tope it all off, some of the findings were not even my home!  To make a long, and emotional, story short ...the home inspector confused my house with another home and we lost the sale.  I contacted the home inspector about his error and found that he wasn't willing to discuss nor entertain the notion he had an error in his report.  Frustrated, I noticed an immediate opportunity for improvement.

Our Approach

At Horizon Home Inspections we believe in taking the emotion out of the home buying process.  Of course buying your dream home or finding a home you are in love with is very important; however, the inspection process is about education. We approach the home inspection as a introduction and orientation to your new home. This is a time when you need to learn as much as possible about your new home and how it functions. This is not the time to alarm or confuse! Think of us as your family doctor. We will give your new home a physical and if needed, advise for an X-ray for additional information.

Meet the Team

We believe that the Home Inspections, Inc, is not just a one time meeting. Our team is committed to helping you with your new home before, during and after the inspection. We take our business personal!

Chad Miller

Founder & CEO - Inspector

With over 30 years in customer service, supply chain management and Corporate Director level and Elite customer management, Chad poseses the drive and knowledge to provide state of the are customer service and expertise. Inspecting homes in Colorado since 2001, Chad's experience is paramount to providing quality service and knowledge to the inspection process.

Travis Houle

Home Inspector

With landscaping, roofing, general construction and providing global customer service experience, Travis brings the ability to provide the best customer experience possible. Having been employed with Horizon Home Inspections since December of 2015, his experience and communication skills have provided customers with meaningful insight to their new home.

Marlin Frakes

Radon Testing

Marlin has served his Country and is now ready to serve you. As a disabled veteran, he still wants to serve and help protect your family. Radon testing and reporting will help keep your family safe from harmful radon gas.

Judy Weismann

Radon Testing


Daly Brownlow



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